Call Me Irresistible - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I really don't think women exist like SEP writes them. They're always so incredibly strong, strong-willed, adaptable to any situation, a little cocky. :-) Meg definitely fits the bill. I felt bad that she was being blamed for the marriage that didn't occur between Lucy and Ted. Sure, Meg planted the seed that maybe it wasn't a good match, but Meg didn't push it. But then again, it certainly couldn't be Ted's fault. He was the darling of Wynette. He could do no wrong. It cracked me up that Meg noticed that birds would sing when he came around, lol. And wow, wouldn't it be nice of all men had Ted's attention to detail in terms of making love? I can understand why Meg wanted him to lose control, but it didn't sound like being in control was a horrible thing. ;-)

But I loved how Meg wouldn't take what people gave her, that she did things different than people expected. I also loved that she and Ted each started caring before they could admit to it. And ultimately it was a great HEA. I think the next one's supposed to be Lucy's story, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. In this one, she seemed so buttoned up for the short period we saw her, but I remember her screw-the-world attitude in First Lady. I hope it's going to come back in her story because that was one of the fun things about Lucy.