Hidden Fire - Jess Dee This was a great follow-up to Winter Fire. I'm not sure I could have forgiven Garreth so easily, and honestly, she didn't forgive him easily! It's one thing to have girlfriends because of course Jenna wasn't giving him a shot due to the pact with her brother, but it's another thing entirely for him to fuck her best friend. With her brother. That's a little squicky, lol.

But how Rachel and Jackson got Garreth and Jenna over their little hump of misery was brilliant. First, Jackson "attacked" Garreth and got him tied to a chair in his room. Meanwhile, Rachel kidnapped Jenna, brought her to Garreth's room, and tied her to a chair as well. And they had it out. Now that Jenna was a captive audience, Garreth could tell her everything without fear of her running out on him. And then he started telling her how he wanted to worship her body. Wow... good dirty talk! And then he got free and made good on some of his promises. Sexy!

I was glad with how it worked out. Still a little freaky that Jenna's love was in a threesome with her brother and best friend, but whatever. :-) Good story.