Luke & Jezebel (A.D. 2203 series, #2) - Ravyn Wilde This was an interesting world. The Others (i.e. paranormal beings) have been out for centuries and live mostly in peace with humans. There are bigoted human groups called One Racers, which sound like fundamentalist Christian groups. They won't use anything that Others had a hand in creating and they stick to themselves. They are told many terrible things about Others and they can't watch TV, so they have no personal experience to prove what they're told is right or wrong. Their leader calls them sheep, and that's kinda true.

This story is about Luke, the Vampire Sentinel of the Colorado Corridor, and Jezebel, owner of a PR firm. Luke is looking for a new PR firm to make Others look good because there has been a rash of baby swapping incidents. Luke knows Others haven't had anything to do with it, but humans aren't so sure. As soon as Luke and Jezebel meet to discuss the job, sparks fly. And continue to fly. When they get closer than Jezebel is comfortable with, she tries to play it off as some vampire voodoo that made her want him. He makes her promise to research it, and if it's true that vampires can do that, he'll lay off. Otherwise, she has to give herself to him for a week. Of course, there's no vampire voodoo, so she spends the week with him. And along the way, they solve the mystery of the swapped babies. And fall in love.

And have LOTS of sex. It was too much, honestly... I have no idea how they solved this mystery when they weren't not fucking for only about two hours, lol. OK that's exaggerating, but seriously, it was a lot of sex. I started skimming. BUT I still enjoyed the overall story enough for it to still warrant four stars.