The Courage to Love - Samantha Kane I enjoyed this one. For some reason, I was under the impression that this series was about cowboys, not proper English people. :-) Not being English, and obviously not being from that era, lol, I don't get why Kate was ostracized for being raped. I never quite understood, in the other romance novels I've read from that general era, how being a mistress was not something to cause shame. You're basically being paid (you could get a house, clothing, servants, etc.) for being available to a married man. But no... it's not that she was a mistress, it's that several men forcibly shared her one horrible night. THAT is why she is shunned! I don't get it!

Anyhoo... I generally liked how Jason and Tony wooed her. I liked how ultimately they faced their feelings for each other and embraced them. I liked that Kate encouraged it.

What I didn't like is that there was SO MUCH sex. I know, that sounds weird. I like reading erotica specifically FOR the sex, so it's not that I mind sex. Seriously, lol. I just wish there had been more story around the sex. They'd talk about something then have sex. Then they'd have an argument and have sex again. Then one of them is trying to put his affairs in order because of the duel, and the other two distract him with sex. Not that the sex wasn't good and steamy. It wasn't the best sex I've ever read, but it was pretty good. I just wish there had been more story.

I've heard this was her first book and that the others in the series are much better. I didn't dislike this one (just didn't love it), so I'd continue the series.