Deeper Than Midnight - Lara Adrian I'm glad I finally read this one. It reminds me of what a good story is about. I really enjoyed seeing Hunter so tender with Corinne. I was also glad to see how Mira's vision actually played out for them. It'll be interesting to see how Nathan integrates. It'll also be interesting to see how Chase further redeems himself. He was an ass through most of this one, but that one act at the end gave so much potential for redemption. And it was cliffhangery, which was unusual with this series. Usually, it's a complete story with the continuing saga of tracking down and defeating the bad guy. But this one really made me want to read #10 ($13 price tag aside, bleh!) because I needed to know what would happen next with Chase. So in that respect, I'm glad I waited to read it. At least I had #10 available to read -- I didn't have to wait for it.