Rent-A-Stud (Coopers' Companions, #1) - Lynn LaFleur, Lynn La Fleur I'm torn between 3 and 4 on this, so I rounded up. This was a steamy older (but only slightly) woman/younger man story. With an escort. Jade is almost 40 and was divorced a couple of years ago. She needs to attend a function, and her regular escort, her brother, is out of town. So her daughter hires her a "real" escort, Zach, who is 30-ish. While Jade thinks Zach is charming and gorgeous, she can't help but question every word out of his mouth. Is it practiced seduction? Does he know exactly what to say because of his profession? Or does he really mean the compliments that flow so easily? But even if he means them, it's irrelevant... he's so much younger than she is, it could never work. Not to mention the fact that he's an escort. She has no intentions of asking Zach for "extra", but when the time comes for them to say goodnight, she's decided she needs to take a chance and invites him in.

They both fall hard very fast, which seems a little unrealistic, but at the same time, very sweet to imagine such a thing could be real. Zach, who has been with so many women, doesn't doubt his own strong feelings for Jade even once. He knows almost immediately that she is the one. But Jade's inner dialogue takes a bit longer to work out that they can work.

Very steamy sex scenes, very sweet out-of-bed scenes. They were a great couple. This was a freebie from EC, and I'm tempted to check out the rest of the series if only to find out what woman brings Zach's bastard brother to his knees and which escort Zach's sister falls for.

And enjoyable read.