Lust and Other Drugs - Saranna DeWylde A fun friends-to-lovers story. Probably more like 3.5, but this one will be forgettable to me. We have Anne and Chase, who have been best friends since 4th grade. Anne is an artist, Chase is pre-med. Anne wants to do her art full-time, and to help make that possible, Chase lets her move in with him so she doesn't have to worry about making rent and such. Problem is, six months ago Anne discovered a porn site for women, and her favorite guy turned out to be Chase, so now that's all she can think about. He's right down the hall! But as is normal with many friends-to-lovers stories, neither one of them wants to screw up their friendship by bringing sex into it. Too bad neither of them can get it off their minds. :-) And when Anne accidentally drinks what she thinks is a glass of water but is really a home-grown "enhancement" for Chase to perform, all bets are off. And once they get a real taste of each other, they can't stop.

There were hot moments, there were sweet moments, there was an HEA. It just wasn't fabulous for me, and I can't put my finger on what might have made it better. That's not to say I wouldn't read another from this author. I think this was her first.