Dare Me - Lexxie Couper This wasn't quite a four, but it was definitely closer to three than four. This was a great follow-up to Triple Dare. First, I love that Rob lived. :-) His kookiness and fearlessness is needed to offset Hudo's seriousness.

I didn't quite understand Rob's inability to accept that he was a cancer survivor -- not that he pretended he didn't have cancer, but he didn't seem to accept that it was possible for the cancer to come back. He couldn't resolve his fearless nature with this new cautiousness.

And Emily had a really difficult time approaching Rob as anything but a patient. She wanted to, desperately, but they'd been doctor/patient for so long, plus being an oncologist it was in her nature to question any little thing Rob might bring up about how he feels. Which brought back home to Rob that it could come back, which he wanted to avoid thinking about. Vicious circle, kind of.

Ultimately, they each worked out their own issues over bouts of sex (lots of sweet, emotion-packed sex) and Rob talking to Hudo after Rob acted like an ass again. Very sweet couple... I'm glad Rob got his HEA.