Defying the Odds - Kele Moon This was super sweet. I love it when two broken people can come together and become whole with each other. That's basically what happened in this one. Melody escaped an abusive, manipulative husband and returned to small-town life after living in the big city. She's basically hiding in a small town where the men are bred big and strong, and most of them end up with an interest in mixed-martial arts and/or UCF competitions. Clay is a UCF champion and sort of the town's hero, but he's very intimidating, both due to his size and his attitude. He's been dealt a rough hand in life in terms of family and relationships, and he's not even really happy with where he is professionally anymore. While Clay loves the art of fighting, he doesn't like all the promotional/smiling-at-the-camera crap that goes with it. And he's way over all the groupies.

On Thanksgiving, they're at Hal's, the only diner in town open on Thanksgiving. Melody is the new waitress, and Clay is on his own, eating his Thanksgiving dinner. Melody decides he looks lonely and gives him a piece of pumpkin pie. Even though Clay can't stand pumpkin pie, he makes an attempt to eat it because Melody was sweet enough to give it to him, and he thinks she's pretty. Plus, she doesn't seem to know who he is, which is unusual anywhere he goes, but especially in his home town.

Melody tries to resist their attraction because she's afraid to get involved with a man, just to have her ex-husband find her and make life difficult for her and the man. But the attraction is too strong, and Melody and Clay both give in to it.

Ultimately, this is a really sweet love story. Sure, there's some hot sex as well as some angst. And I *could*not*wait* for her ex, Justin, to show up because you knew he would. And I just knew Clay would deal with it perfectly. But seeing how big, tough Clay handled Melody with kid gloves, how important it was for Clay that Melody liked *him* and not his status and how relieved he was when it happened, how Melody was able to give in to their passion, it was just all great. The dialect got on my nerves a little bit, lol, but it was small town, so I suppose it fit.

I really look forward to reading more about Wyatt and Jules. Those three were so miserable before Melody showed up and made Clay a happy guy. But Wyatt and Jules are still miserable. They're both good people, and they deserve happiness as well.