All Jacked Up - Desiree Holt This was a cute little erotic romance about a guy who thought he knew exactly what he wanted, but found happiness and major attraction in the total opposite. Jack thought he wanted a willowy blond with the perfect body. That's what he usually went for, and it never worked out. Here he is, 40 and still single -- the only single guy of his buddies -- with no prospects in sight. The night of his birthday, he and friends celebrate at a local bar. After his friends leave for the night, he sticks around and meets Darcy, a tiny girl with short, spiky black hair and a major attitude towards guys who wear suits. Immediately, they rub each other the wrong way, except there's a spark that keeps Jack sitting there. And drinking. And getting so sloshed he passes out at the bar. Darcy takes him home and plans to just get him to bed and leave, but sparks fly and they both seem powerless to keep from acting on the attraction.

The next morning, he barely remembers it. WTF?! Pieces come back, of course (it was GREAT sex, lol) but the damage is done and Darcy is pissed. Not only did she not intend to do anything, and she doesn't even really LIKE him as a person, but he doesn't even remember her freaking name!! They have a couple more interactions, Jack inserts his foot into his mouth several more times, but ultimately it's a cute HEA. They both realize that what they think they want is not what they really need. It was sweet. On the shorter side of stories.

I've tagged this this minor editing issues because there were some. The *most* obvious of which was right at the beginning, Jack is celebrating his birthday, lamenting about the fact that everyone has bailed early because it's a weeknight. Next thing we know, the next morning after Darcy took him home, it's Saturday morning. Um, what? It wouldn't be that big of a deal if a big deal hadn't been made that it was a weeknight (and therefore the bar was not nearly as full as a weekend night). There were a few other missing words or wrong word choices as well, but those were easier to forgive. :-)