Erotic Images - Missy Jane This was sweet. Artist/photographer needs a model and all of his backups have bowed out for different reasons. Girl who has absolutely no idea how hot she is (does that really exist? I digress...) really needs extra money and sees the ad for an erotic photo shoot promising anonymity. Turns out she's the only one to respond to the ad, and the photographer is mesmerized by her from the beginning. He tries to keep it professional, but they get closer and closer during the shoot. She starts staying at his place (platonically) so he can get as much time as possible with her between her other two jobs. He also doesn't like the seedy motel where she was living. When the shoot is done, she thinks he's done with her, but he makes it clear he's not even close. Unfortunately, due to her ex, she's gotten a complex about being "saved" and relying on men, so she resists anything that looks like him taking care of her.

Ultimately there's an HEA, but there's drama from the ex along the way (the swine), building of confidence for her, and careful twisting of expectations by him so it's OK for her. Oh, and hot sex. :-)