Undone Rebel - Lila Dubois This was really cute, and an interesting premise.

I absolutely loved Lane. I loved that he was a bedroom Dom only, and I thought it was so cute how awkward he became when he wasn't being a Dom, lol. And I also liked that Addie gave him slack for the awkwardness, knowing that he felt out of his element on a regular date.

Addie's scenes with Lane were very hot. Her scenes with Emory were hot, but not as hot as with Lane. It might be because of the natural attraction between Addie and Lane. While Addie obviously enjoyed herself with Emory, it all felt contrived to me, but I suppose that's what Emory meant by "well-planned scene". I'm glad Addie didn't have her session with Alton. I'm pretty sure she'd have walked before Alton really got into whatever he was into because while Addie could be submissive, I don't think she's the kind of person to give up complete control. I will be interested to see how Alton becomes likeable -- I think there are two more in this series, one for each of the other Doms. Or at least I'm hoping there are.

But ultimately this was a cute HEA. I really liked Addie and Lane and their interactions.