Truth or Dare (Party Games, #2) - Rhian Cahill Cute story. Sort of friends to lovers. Miki was attracted to both Grant and Dayne in high school. She wouldn't have been able to pick one, and of course you can't have both, so she never had either. Well, she kissed one of them, but the other walked in, and she was mortified.

Fast forward to 10 years later and a party her best friend, Frankie (from book 1), has dragged her to. Turns out Grant and Dayne (who are best friends but never shared a woman or even brought one to their home) live next door, and now that they've found Miki again, they're not going to let her just walk away. So how 'bout some tequila and a game of Truth or Dare to loosen everyone up? Miki would rather drink than either tell the truth or take a dare, so she gets schnockered, and Grant and Dayne take her to their house to sleep it off.

Miki is damaged. She'd been married for nine years to a man who died relatively recently. She wasn't sad he was gone -- they didn't have a great marriage. But of course, Miki is afraid to trust anyone else or her own feelings again. Not to mention that being with two guys just isn't "normal" to her. But she takes a shot at it, and they all have the best sex they've ever experienced. And Miki gets freaked.

Ultimately, it all worked out into a nice HEA. I wish there'd been just a little bit more at the end -- a "reconciliation" sex scene or an epilogue... something. :-) But generally, a cute, enjoyable menage story.