Player's Ultimatum - Koko Brown I generally enjoyed this story. I thought it was sort of a twist on a familiar theme -- someone needs someone else to pretend to be engaged so they don't have to do this or that. In this case, it was gay Robbie who needed his best friend Yvonne to pretend to be his fiancee so he would be more likely to get his soccer contract at the end of the season. Yvonne figured it couldn't hurt -- Robbie was offering some pretty hefty financial incentives, and she did love him as a friend. Nobody counted on Paolo, though. Paolo who always gets what he wants and almost immediately homes in on Yvonne. And unfortunately, Paolo has it in for Robbie. In fact, it was Paolo's digging into Robbie's private life that made Robbie approach Yvonne. And Paolo is the consummate ladies man. He rarely dates the same woman twice, but there's something about Yvonne...

I liked that Paolo and Yvonne were so drawn to each other. I thought Yvonne was a little bit sloppy though at the masquerade ball when she went off with a man she didn't know, who turned out to be Paolo. Masks or not, it's a little sloppy, considering she's supposed to be Robbie's fiancee, to do that with ANYONE.

I liked that while Paolo was blackmailing Yvonne, they really got to know each other outside of the sex. Which was kinda hot. And I loved that she sort of made him lose control, and he doubted himself, which he never did before her.

I do have to question Yvonne not knowing Paolo's age. They sat and talked for hours about everything and age NEVER came up? Not likely.

And while I really enjoyed the overall story, this book could really have benefited from an editor. My inner red pencil was going a little crazy. It wasn't horrible, but I found myself pulled out of the story several times.

ETA: The more I think about how this book stacks up to others I've rated 4, I decided to lower the rating. It was enjoyable, but not one I love.