To the Limit - Michelle Fox Very cute story. First, you have the snobby, sexually repressed Lexi, who is attending a charity raffle with the theme "Pushing Limits". Then you have Mark Sadiz, a professional Dom, who has offered up a spanking session as a raffle prize. But when Lexi wins, she's totally put off by the prize. Spanking? Who DOES that?? Mark makes an offer she can't refuse just to redeem the gift, and things go from there. Originally, I disliked Lexi. She seemed very fond of pigeonholing people based on little things she saw. I have to admit that my eyes would widen if a guy whipped out $50K in cash to pay for raffle tickets, but that doesn't mean he's gauche. Lexi became more likeable as the story progressed. Of course, it didn't hurt that Mark was loaded, I'm sure.

It was very sensual and steamy, and while I understood why Lexi freaked out near the end, I also figured there was a different reason for why Mark did what he did. Good thing he's a persistent guy!