Light Switch - Lauren Gallagher Ms. Gallagher has a way of conjuring such real characters, going through such real emotions and situations.

This book was a really interesting journey of Kristen, leaving her boyfriend of four years and taking up with both of her male best friends separately. There had always been an undercurrent of attraction with them, but none of them had ever crossed the friend line because Kristen was in a relationship. After she kicks her boyfriend to the curb, she approaches her friend Scott about learning about BDSM. He agrees to take her on as his sub, if for no other reason than he doesn't want her to learn from a stranger and potentially have a bad Dom. In the meantime, Kristen's voyeuristic relationship with her best friend and neighbor, Matt, turns into a physical relationship. And after a while, what was supposed to be just sex turns into something much, much more.

It was very interesting seeing Kristen go through learning about being a sub from Scott. I loved that Scott could sort of turn his "Dom" on and turn it off at will. I loved that in a short while, just the process of giving him the glass of wine transformed him from Scott to Master for Kristen. The way she felt made me think of the "ka-thunk" that Karla felt whenever Adam went all Dom on her in Nobody's Hero.

While I can't pretend to understand falling in love with someone who you know is in love with at least one other person, I can appreciate that Kristen came to her own conclusions and was able to embrace it. It didn't come easy... she was truly messed up about it. What I don't quite understand is how Kristen didn't feel the least bit jealous, whether from Charlotte when they were at the club or Amy when Kristen was trying her hand at flogging and Scott would kiss her gently like he kissed Kristen. I don't understand how Scott and Matt weren't jealous of each other or the time Kristen spent with the other. Matt became jealous, but with how they cherished her when it was still "just sex"... I don't understand how there was absolutely no jealousy. But I suppose that's why I'm not in a polyamorous relationship. I was never the kind of girl who could keep feelings out of sex. I almost envy that Kristen could and she was doing all of this because she wanted to experience explosive sex, not because she thought she'd find love.

All in all, a really enjoyable book. Thankfully, there wasn't the same angst as with Damaged Goods, but it was still very realistic, very compelling... oh, and VERY hot. Lots of hot sex. Odd, though, that I thought the sex was better when Scott was NOT Kristen's master... when they were making love it was so much better. When Scott admitted he's a switch and wants to submit to Kristen because he trusts her like no other? I melted!! And the sex with Matt was always hot -- they always acted like they were going to die if they weren't coupled within the next minute. Huge chemistry between both pairs. And when all three were together, it was verra nice as well.

Ms. Gallagher is becoming an auto-buy author for me. Great story.