Found in Bliss - Sophie Oak Another great addition to the series. I love how Alexei on the one hand exuded humility and naivete, yet was so worldly in other ways. I loved that he didn't give up on Caleb and that he came back for Holly and he tried so hard with Logan. I loved that Alexei and Caleb could make Holly feel wanted and beautiful after her ex and his family had been so horrid to her. Seriously? She's good enough to be a mistress but not a wife? Ugh, I hate fictional people like that, lol! And Caleb was so very broken, poor guy. I'm so glad Holly and Alexei could bring him back from that and actually make him laugh. That was so nice to see that after he'd been so glum and closed off for so long.

Of course, there was the Sophie Oak trademark humor, which I love. The Alexei hacked-up-English-isms were hilarious. And her loving and sexy menages are great as well. The "playing doctor" scene was funny but hot at the same time. Alexei doesn't want to be a nurse, lmao! But I really think Nicky stole the show. What an awesome character! When he first arrived and got tackled by all the guys, he was loving it, lol. I wonder how he'll show up in future stories, because he HAS to show up.

I also found it interesting that Wolf and Logan are headed to Dallas for Logan to work with Leo. And how Trev from the last Siren book found his way into this book. I like that her characters from the different series are sort of interwoven with each other in unexpected ways.

I look forward to the next one!