Beast - Sophie Oak I love Dante. I knew there was a great man under all the joking, lackadaisical, playboy personality. We already knew he had a good heart by his actions in the first book. I'm glad he was able to find the perfect match for it. And I loved how finding Kaja both completed him as well as showed her her own self worth. I was so sad for her just reading the prologue! What horrible people! I got a little bit tired of Dante's internal berating, always assuming people were doing things because they didn't believe in him. But I loved how his sister saw right through him to who he really wanted to be, who he could be, when he was trying to be what he thought they wanted him to be. I loved the epilogue and I can't wait to see the Unseelie symbiotic twins find their bondmate and come into their powers. And I can't wait to see Cian and Beckett's reaction to their choice.