Bound - Sophie Oak This was different from what I expected. I've read Sophie Oak's other books (at least most of them), and many people raved about this one. There was sex, and there was menage, and there was a bit of D/s stuff, but it wasn't as much as in her other books, and that's not what I expected. Then again, in place of all the sex, menage, and D/s, there was this fascinating world and this human woman who was thrust into a fantastical situation. And thrived! Ms. Oak really created this great world. I loved Dante. I mean I loved the main characters, too, but Dante just cracked me up. And I *loved* the goblins' "liquor".

I wonder if there will be another one. The human Dante got to keep the vampire iPad, and the Fae pretender has not been vanquished from the throne... leaves open room for more story? Maybe get Dante hitched with his own consort??