Small Town Siren (Texas Sirens, #1) - Sophie Oak I loved how Jack wanted to take care of Abby, but I also loved how Abby (finally) wanted to stand up to the town. And I could see how easy it would be for Abby to revert to 17-year-old outcast everytime someone said something mean. I don't necessarily think that made her weak. Though I wanted to smack her when she was going to leave them after her talk with Mrs. Echols. She should have talked with them first about the threats. Sam always seemed to be like static for me. I mean he was sweet, it just seemed to be much more between Jack and Abby. And I felt shortchanged when there was just one kiss between Sam and Jack after Sam confessed his feelings to Abby, so maybe there will be more to that in the second one? Dunno... guess I'll have to read it to find out!