No Strings - Aline Hunter Nooooooo! It can't end there!!! I need more!!!!! And this isn't really a bitch about how short it is, just that it was such a good story.

It was a Quickie, which means it's short. Normally short stories are lacking in character development or plot or both, but this one was really well done. We don't know a whole lot about Zeke and Diane at the beginning, but we get more little tidbits of info all the way through. And Zeke... that boy was a wonderful dirty talker! And he had tattoos.... and my favorite combo of dark hair and blue eyes... and he was a mechanic, which means he knows what to do with his hands. ;-) Yum-oh! And he was totally smitten with Diane, even though he didn't really want her to know how much.

Alas, this ended up a happy for now, which is why I want more. I want to know that Zeke and Diane reunite. I want to see that Zeke's plan -- to help Diane get past the death of her husband -- worked. And I want to know how it changed Zeke, how he will ultimately deal with his wife. No, his wife isn't dead, but she's been in a vegetative state/coma for four years following a drug overdose. And based on comments made, it didn't sound like things were hunky dorey even before that happened. So while Zeke is technically cheating, his wife is only alive by technicality as well.

I understand that the author will be writing a full-length follow-up to this, but I need it now! NEEEED it. I really liked this story. It wasn't what I expected. I'm sure I would have liked what I expected, but this was different in a good way.