Make Me Shiver (Just Make Me, #1) - Aline Hunter I really enjoyed this book. I liked that Michael and Lacey had a connection before they got together. I liked that Michael sort of eased her into what he liked and gauged her reactions to everything. I liked that he was willing to give her space after the initial misunderstanding. I think what I liked best about it (besides the yummy Michael) is that it wasn't necessarily about the kink, but about trust. I was about to want to smack Lacey if she didn't give the yummy Michael a chance. I understand why she was leery -- her boyfriend had just cheated on her and then Aly shows up the morning after their first night together -- but it got to the point where if she didn't give him the benefit of the doubt soon, I was going to (figuratively) throw the book against the wall, lol. So I'm glad he (a) gave her a bunch of chances and (b) she finally gave him her trust.

I'll be interested to see Candice and Brady's story when it's released. I'm not big on Domme stories, but I'd like to see where this is going. And big, brawny Brady sounded kinda yummy too, even if it's in a different way.