Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain - John J. Ratey, Eric Hagerman I listened to this after basically running out of fiction to listen to, lol. I only bought it because it was a special on Audible, but I'm glad I listened to it. There were a lot of very technical terms presented and explained, and some very technical biological processes described. It took me quite a while to get through it, but that's not necessarily because it was boring; it just wasn't the fiction that keeps me coming back wondering what's going to happen next. But the subject matter was really fascinating.

It's amazing how closely the mind and body work together. Of course, we all know at this point that exercise is good for the body. Even if we don't necessarily do anything with that knowledge, lol, we know. What was interesting to me were how many brain-related issues can also be positively affected with exercise: addiction, ADHD, dementia, menopause, pregnancy, depression, anxiety... the list seemed to go on and on. The brain's ability to "fix" itself, given the proper conditions, is incredible. In many cases, claims were made that exercise can eliminate the need for certain medications, or at least reduce the level of medication. Study results were presented to support the claims, and while the author admits that there's still a way to go on correlating specific outcomes to specific components of brain processes, the evidence was compelling.

While I joke that I ran out of fiction, it's also time for my yearly "I really have to start getting some activity in my life" thing. I think, or I hope, that all of the information provided in the book will help me stick with it this time. It seems that exercise has so many benefits beyond just the rocking body, well into old age.