Damaged Goods - Lauren Gallagher Wow, this was such a great story. Such an interesting plot, and I haven't ever read anything like it before. Well, I read Curio, but this one was still so very different even though they were both about man whores. Jocelyn dealt with a whole different set of issues than Caroly did. And I really loved it.

I have absolutely no idea how Jocelyn dealt for so long. My heart was breaking for her. But it was also breaking for Austin. Here, they'd found each other in the strangest of circumstances, and they made a connection beyond anything that should have happened.

Everything that occurred within the book, the feelings, the events, the thoughts... everything seemed so logical and real. And OMG when she went out with her friends that one night, I was dying for her. And then her bitch friend Kim, with her double-standards... ugh, I would have slapped her, lol.

Like I said, I have no idea how Jocelyn dealt with Austin's job. I was so happy that she didn't just end it, that they talked it through, that Austin was just so perfect (except for the whole fucking other women thing) and always said the perfect things. I also loved how Jocelyn could see things in a way others didn't. I loved it when Austin's sister started going off on single gold-digger mothers and Jocelyn -- while she got understandably pissed -- was able to handle it fairly well.

The ending was perfection. I was so afraid it was going to go another way, but at the same time, I can't see how it could have.