Foreign Exchange - Selena Kitt So this is the "clean" version of Naughty Bits. I didn't read Naughty Bits, but I think I can see where changes were made to make it "clean"... they're not brother/sister. They aren't even step-siblings. They're simply kids who grew up together, so close they might have been siblings. But because there was no blood, or even the step relationship, the whole "we can't do this" fell flat. Why not? She's visiting, sure, but c'mon... your mom knows you're an 18-year-old boy. You're NOT going to look at the cute older girl...who is absolutely no relation to you but whose parents are friends with your parents?

Beyond that, it was hot. Ms. Kitt definitely writes some hot sex scenes. There's just something about "God, I love your cock" that is so sexy. So for that, it was a typically hot Selena Kitt story.

But the ending was weird, and I'm going to think it's because it probably had to be rewritten since the relationship of the people involved was different. But what happened just seemed so sudden. And her reasoning for doing it? Wow. That's some desperation. But then for him to just move forward? With really no anger at all at being used? Sure, ultimately it was something different, but initially. So it just didn't seem realistic and it was rushed.

The British "lingo" was interesting. I wonder, not being from England, how authentic it was.