Nobody's Hero - Kallypso Masters This was another great addition to the Rescue Me series. I didn't LOVE this one as much as I have the other two, that's only because parts of it dragged for me. And Adam kept pissing me off with how he kept pushing Karla away. And Karla doing what seemed like a total 180 and being SOOOO submissive kinda turned me off. I know she did it because she thought that's what he wanted, but I dunno... it got to be a bit much for me. Even in her inner thoughts, she was calling him "Master" and "Sir".

But ultimately, we came to understand how Adam came to be Adam. What a sad situation all around. I'm glad he was able to rebuild some old relationships and build some new ones. I'm also glad he was able to finally realize that he was everything Jonie needed while she was alive; he had no reason to beat himself up so much. And I'm glad he finally gave in to his feelings for Karla. She may have been infatuated with him for years, but honorable Adam didn't think of her that way until she showed up in his club at 25 years of age. And then honorable Adam had a problem wanting a girl half his age. She made him get over that.

I really cannot wait for the next one. The way Savi came back into Damian's life, both with his niece and then again at the end, the next book is bound to be really, really good. Savi will have so many things to work through. For that matter, I think Damian has some things to work through as well. Hopefully this will be another one of those perfect matches, where how much they need each other is on equal ground.

But alas, we must wait now... :-)