A Broken Christmas - Claire Ashgrove What a heart-wrenching story! But so good. I'd call it a story of rekindled love, but that would imply someone fell out of love and that never happened. But one forced a divorce, and now he's utterly broken.

Kyle and Aimee were married for six years. Extremely happy for four of them. And then they decided to have a baby, and Aimee lost it in the second trimester and almost lost her mind as a result. Her pain scared Kyle to death, and being Special Forces, he knew he'd be in danger on a regular basis and didn't want to put Aimee through that kind of pain. So the dufus decides the best thing to do is to divorce her while he's overseas on a mission. Force her to move on with her life without him, so if something happens to him, it can't hurt her. Plus, he wants kids, but he doesn't want to put Aimee through that again. (Never mind that he wouldn't be having kids with his soul mate. Or that he might see his soul mate actually have kids with someone else.) Dufus I say. He never told her ANY of this. Just forced a divorce and then wouldn't even talk to her.

Something went very wrong on a mission in Afghanistan, and Kyle is coming back a shell of himself. He actually didn't want to come back. He'd planned on ending his life before his best friend pulled him out of the situation they were in and got Kyle help.

And Aimee is waiting for him when he comes back to the States. She hasn't moved out of their home, and despite the divorce she hasn't given up on them. And she's a nurse, which can help him, but Kyle needs a lot of help that he won't ask for.

Ultimately it's an HEA, but OMG there was so much angst. So much pull Aimee close then push her away again. Or try to push her. Bully for Aimee that she stood her ground and wouldn't just accept what he was telling her.

A really good story, but lots of sadness. And then happiness.