Make Me Believe - Shiloh Walker In this one, we have Chelly, who has been dreaming about Nikolai since she was young. He's Fae, as in a North Pole elf, and he's in charge of fulfilling childrens' wishes. That's how he found Chelly when she was five. Something about her drew him to her, so he'd visit her every few years if she needed him. When she turned 18, his feelings turned into something more, but their circumstances made it impossible for him (or her) to act on it.

She ultimately dated a guy that looked a lot like him and got pregnant. The father insisted on marriage, which ended in divorce and a bitter custody battle. And the father violated the custody agreement, ran with the boy, got into an accident, and the boy was about to die. Until Nikolai came, took him, and healed him by making him Elf-kin. Chelly knows Nikolai took him, but doesn't quite know what Nikolai is or where he's taken her son or what he even plans to do with him, so she's beside herself.

Nikolai brings Chelly to join them and then things get hot and heavy, while Chelly tries to resist her feelings for Nikolai. And there's an HEA in the end. And Nik gets a new job...

Very sweet, the sex was steamy... another sweet, sexy holiday read.