Deacon's Touch (Dume Ranch Series, #1) - Callie Croix I liked the build up between Deacon and Jessica. It was a little bit hot when they finally got together. Well, OK, I guess a lot hot. A couple of things that seemed completely out of place, though, confused me. I didn't quite get what the deal was with the BMW that passed their truck and Jessica didn't like the look the guy gave her. First it was dark, how did she see him? Second, there was no real resolution to that whole scene. Then, there was Deke's five-hour absence when he went with his brother to patrol the perimeter. Other than taking him away from Jess, what was the point of that? There was no further talk about the bullets, the kids, the cut fence, stolen cattle. Maybe that'll come up in future books since this is #1 of a series? It just seemed incongruent to the story at this point.