His Christmas Cara - Shiloh Walker When I first started reading this, I was thinking Oh no... not A Christmas Carol! But it was, and that ended up not being a bad thing. Through the spirits, we got a glimpse at why cold, heartless Eben acted the way he did, why he had so many one-night-stands, why he was so driven to make more money. And we also saw the collateral damage from some of the decisions he'd made for the almighty dollar over the years. Ultimately, Eben realized his lonely existence and righted some wrongs. Then he went to find the one woman who had made him feel anything, a woman who worked for him who he had bedded three years earlier, only to leave her coldly in the morning and have her transferred to another department so he would stop remembering their night. Not that it worked... he still dreamed about her. There was sex, though I wouldn't call it the steamiest sex I've ever read. But the story was still very heartwarming with a sweet HEA.