Nice & Naughty - Cat Johnson This was a freebie from ARe, and the three stories were all very cute. I love the idea of a firefighter having to teach a "Rachel Ray"-type person how to cook, lol. And I love that when he met her, he was attracted to the woman, not the hype. He was drawn to how intent she was on getting some eggs when he had grabbed the last four dozen to feed his fellow firefighters. Cute story.

Then the photographer of the firefighter calendar accidentally meets the man running Bryant's, an upscale department store where they'll be holding a fundraiser. She doesn't know the man she met was a Bryant, and she spouts off all sorts of stuff about how a Bryant must have grown up spoiled, etc. So Jason naturally lies about who he is. :-) Then it's about how he's going to come clean while hopefully not losing her.

The last story was another firefighter falling in love. This time, it's a caterer who needs a ton of help but doesn't have the business knowledge to bring it all together. The firefighter ends up helping her sort of calm down and then opens her eyes to a few things to make things even better.

These were all VERY fade-to-black, but were sweet stories. Minor editing issues but enough of them to warrant mention.