Hot for Santa (Hot in the City, #5) - Lacey Alexander Well, wasn't Cole just a little presumptuous asking Amy to his place and wearing nothing but a Santa had and a huge erection? Good thing it didn't backfire, lol. Cole has been playing Santa for charity for weeks, and he roped Amy into volunteering to be one of the elves. She's been panting for him, but he hasn't made any indications he's interested. The last night of their volunteering, he invites her over. She thinks that surely it must be just a friendly gesture, so she wears her most unattractive undies. :-) Good thing Cole bought her gifts. Naughty gifts. Turns out Cole is into domination, and all of his gifts are designed to see if Amy likes the idea or is turned off, as was his last girlfriend. Amy is totally into it to the great relief of Cole. So Christmas comes just a bit early for Cole and Amy. Very cute, quite steamy, and a nice holiday read.