Dirty Thirty - Cara McKenna Yowza, that's a strong marriage right there! Wife gives hubs a man for his thirtieth birthday. Turns out he voiced his fantasy about a man fucking him while he and his wife were having sex. Rather than freaking out, she asks him repeatedly whether he was serious. And then she suggests bringing another man into their bedroom for his birthday for his pleasure. He hesitantly agrees. He's excited about the prospect, but a little freaked out by it as well. Wifey chooses the bouncer at the bar they frequent. Bouncer is "75% straight", lol, and he's on board to make hubs' dream come true.

The feelings surrounding the actual night seemed so natural. Trepidation, excitement, shyness... all things I would expect. And the bouncer was quite helpful in guiding things along without pushing. And when it all happened, it was really freaking hot to me. I don't read a ton of stories with m/m interaction. When I read them, usually the focus is still on the woman and the male interaction is sort of secondary. There, but not the focus. In this one, the focus was ALL on the boys. Wifey was watching, but she didn't really get involved much.

Anyway, very well done. I think Ms. McKenna creates great characters without too much detail. And this was a smoking story.