Spin Action - Sheryl Zaines This was cute. Definitely a quickie. And another friends to lovers, which I definitely enjoy. Angelina and David have been besties for years. They actually roomed together for a while, and David's seen her naked, though he never thought anything about it before. David moved out a couple of years ago, but Angie still lives in their apartment. They've watched each other go through many "significant others", but recently, Belinda has started putting rules on David and hindering David and Angie's friend relationship. And oddly, it's created a sexual tension between them. (Thanks, Belinda!) Once Belinda reveals her expectations, David recoils and then a weird thing happens between David and Angelina, and things move from there. But it was super sweet. It wan't super hot, but mildly so. A nice blow-job (I think I'd like to know her technique, lol) and a bit of turnabout on his part, and then the declaration of love. Which doesn't seem that far-fetched, considering how long they've been close friends. I liked how David approached the situation.