Just Gotta Say - Laura Kaye I won this book from the author. While it wasn't as good as Hearts in Darkness, it was still good and sexy. This one has Callie, who accidentally saw two of her roommates, Jack and Noah, getting it on the previous weekend. She's always been a little bit in love with them and their other roommate Lucas (especially Lucas), and she starts fantasizing about having sex with all of them. The boys are going out to see a baseball game, so she sits down with an array of sex toys and a porno and starts to live out her fantasy in her mind. Turns out the baseball game is the NEXT night, so the boys come home early and catch her. Naturally, she's moritified. But since they've also been wild about her for a while, they decide if she wants it, they're game to help her live out her fantasy. There's a bit of m/m, some m/f/m, and m/f. Ultimately very sweet. Not a permanent menage.