She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy - Cara North This is closer to 3.5 than 3, but GR doesn't have half stars. I liked this one, I really did. But I thought when Heath found out about Chance's childhood and asked who the guy was and he was named, I thought that might be significant later, but it wasn't. And I still don't understand why there was a whole year with absolutely no contact. It was definitely sweet that Heath and Chance still had so much chemistry, but he seemed to forgive her awfully quickly. I'm also not sure why they let Chance disappear so much when she was younger and not ask any questions about it.

It was still a good story, and it was nice to see Heath and Chance make up and have a chance at a totally honest relationship. There wasn't really anything else to fess up to.

I really didn't like how this ended, however. The Kindle version was formatted in a really freaky way, but I can't blame that on the author. As a result of the formatting, when the story ended, it just didn't seem like the story should end where it did, so I went back and forth with Amazon and the author to make sure I actually got the ending. I did. It just seemed so abrupt. And there was no "the end" or author's bio to let me know it was really finished. Maybe I wanted to know the baby had been born but "Come on up little lady" didn't feel like an ending to me. That felt like the start of a new scene.

I'm still very curious about how Rafe is going to bring Layla around, and I'm sure we'll continue to catch up with Bethany and Jack and we'll get more of Chance and Heath. Generally, I'm enjoying this series, but I didn't like this one as much as I liked the first one.