Home for Christmas - Kate Davies A shortish story about a widow in her mid-forties and her husband's best friend/business partner. Sophia and Ethan had no feelings for each other until after Sophia's husband died and Sophia and Ethan were sort of forced to spend more time together. Slowly, their feelings toward each other grew, but neither one knew how the other felt.

This is Sophia's second Christmas without her husband, and her daughter has other plans this year as well, and rather than force holiday cheer, Sophia has decided to take a Christmas cruise by herself. She doesn't even tell Ethan her plans. When Ethan shows up just as she's leaving, he's surprised, and somehow he figures out her plans and joins her on the cruise.

I agree that there wasn't a whole lot of build up between the two characters. We didn't even really get to feel much chemistry. And the sex scenes were only barely there.

It was still a sweet story with a sweet HEA, but nothing really to write home about.