Unwrapped - Cari Quinn I felt this was menage with a realistic bent. A lot of menage stories don't address American society's prudish and judgmental ways. I think most people in America wouldn't understand a permanent threesome (and some would be insanely jealous, lol).

The story starts out with the virginal (really, just a technicality) Cait trying to figure out which one of her roommates will pop her cherry. She's kept her virginity because the rest of her family seem to have loose morals and she doesn't want to be like them. Her mother had Cait relatively young, didn't hang on to the father, and then went through several more men (and babies). Cait's younger sisters seem to be on that same path of having babies without the fathers around. Her youngest sister seems to still be on a right track.

So anyway, Cait wants to lose her virginity just because she's tired of it and almost 25. And she loves both of her roommates -- they've been together since freshman year of college -- and she can't choose. She arrives home early -- they all share the home -- and she discovers her two roommates having sex. And she's floored. And pissed that she was left out of it and that she didn't know. I mean they do everything together... why not this? Except she just doesn't think she can have a threesome. Because she's not a slut (remember her family?). But once Matt figures out that she wants them both, he hatches a plan for him, Cait, and Tristan to get to know each other much better.

But I think what was most realistic was their internal thoughts about how this could possibly work long term. They don't think they can walk away after the weekend, but they're also not sure how to move forward. They decide to tell their families, and the families' reactions seemed quite real as well.

There was a bit of angst, but ultimately an HEA. Cute story.