Archangel's Blade - Nalini Singh Well I complained in my last review on #3 that the Raphael/Elena story sort of started feeling formulaic. So I was pleasantly surprised to see the focus turn from them to a new pair. And I'm so glad to know that Dmitri really does have a heart even if he basically fell in love with his wife again.

Aside from that, though, I sort of got bored with this one. The love scenes seemed incredibly long. The flashbacks, too. And while I wanted Honor's tormenters to be punished, ultimately I didn't care in the end who did what and why. Initially I did, but I guess I feel like it just dragged on. And wow, that's a really long time to hold a grudge for Isis' lover/pet... 1000 years? He had to let his hatred fester that long to find something he thought Dmitri held dear, and even then, he got it wrong.

I'll still wait for the next one because I think it's a good series and I still love the concept of archangels making vampires and the whole power hierarchy and such.