Up On The Housetop - Suzanne Rock I read this because it was supposed to be a holiday read, but there wasn't really much "holiday" about it, except the time frame. In this one, Zach disappeared about ten years ago. He and Chloe were going to be married, but before that could happen, Zach went on a hike with Chloe's brother and her brother ended up dead and Zach went missing. He had been attacked by a werewolf and survived, which meant he became one of them. In the first several years after becoming a werewolf, the monthly full moon causes a sort of insanity that can only be abated with sex. But rather than have meaningless sex with faceless women, Zach asked his pack leader to chain him during the full moon so he wouldn't hurt anyone. And all he wanted to Chloe anyway. Awwww!

Now, ten years later, Zach can't resist the pull of Chloe, so he watches her from the shadows as she wishes to the moon that she had a different life. His idea is that he'll just see her, see she's OK, and then go away again. He doesn't trust himself with her because it is, after all, a full moon. Well, of course, he sees her and needs to have a taste of what he's been missing all these years. Not sure why Chloe would allow a stranger who she can't even see have sex with her on the roof of her home (or in a hotel room after that), but maybe there was something familiar enough about Zach that she felt comfortable enough with it. More stuff happened. Lots more sex. And a fairly weak quasi-suspense plot about Chloe potentially getting married to a jerk and another nasty pack moving into position to take over Zach's pack. The ending was quite rushed, but a little sweet. I'm pretty sure this was a freebie, though, so for a freebie it wasn't bad. I didn't dislike it, I just wish there were more things hashed out.