Somewhere I'll Find You - Lisa Kleypas I enjoyed this, but not as much as other Lisa Kleypas stories. The premise is intriguing: two children (ages 4 and 7) are married as children (not simply promised) because one family owes a lot of money and has a title, and the other has money for a dowry and wants to make sure the daughter marries well. The children are not raised together, and they don't even really know about the marriage until later in their youth. Both are pissed as hell that their parents did this. Now older, Damon has been searching for Julia so he can ask her what she wants to do about the marriage -- since it was foisted upon them, he doesn't want to make any decisions for her. Julia ran away from her family and joined the theater, which is an embarrassment within high society at that time. Julia changed her name, and her family won't tell Damon anything about her, so Damon can't find her. But they have a chance meeting. Julia knows who Damon is, but Damon doesn't know truly who Julia is. Damon is immediately smitten, but since Julia knows who he is, she resists her own feelings toward him. Thus ensues an aggressive courtship by Damon.

Maybe it's hard for me to truly understand why Julia made the decision she made toward the end because the idea that women give up all of their dreams if they're in high society is just such a foreign concept to me. That Julia might have to give up her wildly popular career just because society expected something different of a Duchess boggles the mind. But I suppose such things happened back then. I just wanted to throttle her. :-)

In all, it was a good story, but I found myself bored at times. I'm still going to listen to #2... I want to see Logan Scott's heart thaw. :-) And, (since I listened to the prologue already), I want to make sure Madeline doesn't have to marry that old perv. Lol!