Bound for the Holidays (Ties That Bind, #1) - Mackenzie McKade This was a sexy little holiday read. The story opens at the company Christmas party with the owner, Ryan, flirting with one of his employees, Angela. They're drawn to each other, and Angela has been attracted to him, so she decides to throw propriety to the wind and she accepts his invitation to go to his house. She doesn't know if she'll have a job tomorrow or if things will be awkward "after", but she wants Ryan and he obviously wants her. When they get there, sparks (and clothes) fly, and all of a sudden, Ryan's best friend Wade shows up. Ryan thought Wade would be arriving the next day. Wade and Ryan have shared women in the past, so Wade assumes Angela will be up for it as well. Again, Angela takes the opportunity presented and decides she wants to experience the fantasy of two men at once. And they proceed to have lots of sex. But Ryan isn't excited about this whole scene. Sure, he's "excited" and sure he's shared women before, but for some reason he can't figure out he wants Angela to himself. More hot fun ensues, including a very sensual meal between the three, and there an HEA (a little bit rushed, but still sweet). Not a permanent menage. No m/m action.