Her Christmas Pleasure - Karen  Erickson I seem to be on a roll with friends-to-lovers stories these days. This one was a little different in that the male had been the best friend of the female's husband who died. Damien has been in love with Celia for years, but never felt he was good enough to even make a play for her. But he promised Celia's husband on his death bed that he'd make sure Celia and their son were OK. Damien can't handle being able to look but not touch anymore, so he's gotten himself a job out of the country, hoping the ache will ease if he's not around her so often. But his constant presence has affected Celia as well, and she's decided to approach him if he won't approach her. When she finds out he plans to leave, she's devastated. Ultimately there's an HEA, and it was very sweet. I have the other one in this series, so I'll have to move it up in the list once I'm done with all my holiday reads.