The Naughty List - Jodi Redford Friends to lovers, one of my favorite themes. I had to suspend reality just a little bit with this one. Fifteen years? Really!? You'd think someone would have made a play in those 15 years. But it's a good thing Lacey accidentally sent her naughty list to the boys or maybe nothing would have happened, ever. Granted, it seems a little far-fetched for someone to email themselves a document that's on their own laptop. Just sayin'. Anyhoo... what happened was scorching and sweet and heartbreaking and heartwarming. A very nice story that had only a little bit to do with the holiday, but everything to do with the love of three people. M/F/M, so no action between the boys. And permanent menage for those who shy away from that. I'd love to see a follow-up, even if it's just a peek of their lives now during a story about Jana, Bram's sister.