Christmas Elf - Tielle St. Clare I thought this was darn cute. A very nice holiday read. I had to suspend reality that Marlie really had no clue about "the sex", because seriously... storks bring elves to the North Pole? What's her vagina for, then? It would seem like if it wasn't needed, they wouldn't have one. But I digress. It cracked me up that immediately, Marlie was intruding on Jacob's thoughts. I loved that he lost himself with her, really even before they were intimate. I loved that Marlie gave Jacob his Christmas wish, but wanted to SMACK HER when she had completed her mission. Oh, my heart broke. But all was well in the end. I have to wonder if Jacob's parents were always loving and for some reason Jacob just saw it differently. Maybe him regaining the Christmas spirit helped him see everyone around him more clearly.

Anyway, it was a cute story. Smexy when it got there. And I'm in an upbeat holiday mood now! :-0