Smooth Talking Stranger - Lisa Kleypas This was one of my favorite themes reversed. Most of the time, it's the man-who-will-never-marry who falls head over heels for the girl, but in this case, it was the woman-who-would-never-marry who fell hard. And it was so sweet.

In past books, Jack was a playboy -- dating beautiful women, but never settling down. At the beginning of this book, we're introduced to Ella, who is dating Dane, and everything seems comfortable in her life until her mother calls and insists Ella come get a baby her sister dropped off -- a baby nobody knew about. Ella's sister told her cousin/roommate that Jack was the father, just to get the cousin off her back about the father, so the first place Ella goes after picking up Luke is Jack's office. Once Ella assumes responsibility of the baby, Dane makes it clear that she's not to come back to Austin with the baby, so she ends up staying in Haven's apartment, since Haven is moving in with Hardy and Jack knows Ella needs a place to stay. Which keeps her within Jack's reach, which is just what he wants.

Considering Ella's childhood, I could understand her feelings on marriage. I still don't understand why she reacted so calmly to Dane's declaration that theirs was an open relationship. She just accepted it. I'd be like WTF?!? How long have we been together, and I can't expect that you'll be faithful to me? And Jack was very patient with her while she was figuring things out. For a while. Then he became quite aggressive and possessive. Which was sexy, because he was still so vulnerable. And I loved how they sort of became this little family with Luke. I was surprised that the whole Liberty/Carrington similarity wasn't a bigger part of the story. Ella and Haven became close friends through proximity, but Liberty really would have realized how Ella's life had been turned upside down by the unexpected gift of Luke.

I was happy with how this one ended. I'm hoping we'll get to see Joe's story at some point.