Sweet Vibrations - Melinda Barron This was enjoyable, and while I didn't love it, I didn't hate it either. I liked how Lake pursued Lucy, and maybe this is me never living a BDSM lifestyle, but some of the punishments seemed cruel, lol. Not cruel as in disfiguring or painful, but she doesn't get to come but she sucks him off? That's no fun! Or he wacks off while she listens? That just seems like such a waste, lol. I didn't quite get the weights on the slave ring (which I guess I'm not really sure what that is) and nipple rings. Is that pleasurable? Or maybe just more sensation?

Beyond that, as another reviewer pointed out, we never really got to know Lake. If he was so freaking hot and such a great Dom, how come we never heard about his past subs? Or why he's currently single? We know why Lucy was... her bastard husband was a selfish wannabe Dom. So we know why Lucy was hesitant to let someone else in. But why was Lake instantly drawn to her? And the declaration of love seemed way too fast. Sure, you can have very strong feelings for someone upon first meeting them, but love? Within a couple of weeks? I'm not even sure an entire week passed in the book. It was nice to see that Lake really cared about her beyond the sex. I think I might have had a problem with him feeding me ALL the time. Maybe I wouldn't make a good sub, lol. But the suspense was an interesting diversion from the sex, which was okay.

I hear the series is good and gets better from book one, so I'll probably try #2 at some point.