Hot Text - Cari Quinn I have loved some of Cari Quinn's stories, and while I liked this one, I didn't love it. I liked the premise, but it seemed to move too fast for me. It would have been more realistic if they'd met, talked for hours, he texted her (non sexual) later that night... maybe texted her the next morning, maybe they'd meet again, maybe the texts turn sexual... But the fact that the texts were immediately sexual and he's at her house that first night were just off-putting for me. I'm not against sex on a first "date", it just didn't seem to fit the characters or the situation. I suppose it led to a great night for them, and I enjoyed that Jeff wanted to show Karyn that she was selling herself short by just settling for so-so sex, but it would have seemed more likely if there was more buildup. Especially considering how reserved Karyn was.

I also didn't like how long it took for them to reconnect. Sweet that he waited that long -- I guess he was already in love with her and nobody else would do -- but considering how quickly they caught fire, to wait that long to reconnect seemed unrealistic. Maybe that's just me. And of course this is just fiction, lol.

It's possible I'm just in a mood and nothing is hitting my hot buttons right now. Maybe I'll reread it later to see if I change my mind. It wasn't long, so it wouldn't take long to reread.