Blue-Eyed Devil - Lisa Kleypas I have a huge grin on my face (and a lump in my throat). At the very beginning when the "blue-eyed devil" was introduced, I was thinking No! It's too soon! How could it be?. But it was. And their chemistry was intense. Neither one of them expected anything like what happened, but it was intense.

On the one hand, I was glad that Haven attempted to stand up to her family and marry who she wanted, regardless of what they thought. But as soon as Nick started distancing her from everyone, belittling her at every turn, blaming her because they didn't have money (what part of "I will disown her if she marries you" did you not understand?)... that first strike. Why, oh why didn't she call her family? I've thankfully never been in that position, so it's difficult for me to understand why someone would keep something like that to herself. Why you'd accept that it was your fault when you'd done absolutely nothing wrong. And him not letting you attend a beloved family member's funeral because he has to attend a company picnic and you have to put on a happy face for it??? Kick that fucker to the curb, thankyouverymuch! But she didn't. And my heart broke for her. Over and over again.

I have to hand it to Hardy. He recognized cues from Haven and was able to make her feel safe enough to divulge her secrets. He was her white knight in so many ways, and I think she saved him a little bit, too. After what happened in the first book, I can understand why everyone was so hesitant about him. I kept expecting him to fuck up. I'm sure even he was wondering when he was going to fuck up. I was surprised and yet not that he even tried to make that stupid deal at the end, but I was glad he saw how stupid that was.

Haven and Hardy made a great pair. Can't wait to see who's next!