Flaunt It - Natasha Moore This was cute and sweet, but it didn't feel fully formed. We have Piper who loves to show off her body where she works as a waitress. Not that she's stripping, but she wears provocative clothing, flirts with everyone, gives everyone flashes when she bends over to do things... and she's dating Ben, who gets insanely jealous when she's showing off. But he holds it together. He's decided to give Piper a fantasy he thinks she wants: exhibitionism through playing in a room designed for that at Paolo's Playhouse.

There was very little character development. The sex was steamy. The overall story point was sweet. I just wish there had been more character development so I'd care more. And it drives me nuts when a story ends around 60% on my Kindle. I realize that's not the author's fault, but it makes me think there will be more story and then it's just done. Even an epilogue would be nice.